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    Default Provo Heber City 1st trip help

    Just got word I am going to Heber City Utah for business next week. I should have a couple half days and possibly a full day to fly fish. Been researchin but a lot of conflicting info out there. I'm from Missouri so i get all the 10-12 inch trout I want. Don't have to be 25 inchers(although that would be cool). I understand favorite holes are secret but if I could get some direction on areas to hit I sure would appreciate it. Not much time to explore on this trip. Feel free to pm me if you like. Guys on this forum have helped me on blind trips before and I would gladly reciprocate if anybody needs help in Missouri!

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    The Provo River is in Heber and has browns up to 18 that can be caught year round. Every once in a while someone pulls out a monster. A guide got his client on this brown earlier this year in the Provo in Heber, Ut. The section in the canyon has nice fish too.
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    Also I posted a video of me fishing the middle Provo on Labor Day.

    Labor Day on the Provo

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    Default Re: Provo Heber City 1st trip help

    Easiest access for you from Heber City is to drive north on highway 40/189 (towards Park City). First traffic light outside of town is River Road... make a left. Options here are turn right onto gravel access road to a anglers parking lot for fishing upstream, or keep driving... another lot on the left. You could drive another 100 yards, cross the river, then bang a u-turn and park before the bridge. Well traveled paths follow the river downstream on either side. I prefer this last option. Don't let the presence of cars at the pull-offs sway you... tons of room for everyone.

    Levels look quite "wadeable" on the Middle Provo right now. Baetis (Blue-winged Olives) should be coming on strong. Straight in-line nymphing rig... 10ft leader of 4X to first fly, another 18" of 5X to point fly. Weight about 12" above first fly... strike indicator about 6-7 ft above first fly to start (adjust as needed). Good flies for me have been small (olive) pheasant tails, Barr's BWO emerger, and RS2 in BWO colors. Could be opportunities to fish dry's as well, but not as dependable as nymphs. This is reliable from 10a - 2p

    Late afternoon/evenings is a great time to swing soft hackles as caddisflies are a daily (nightly) occurrence. I fish 'em two at a time and just work my way downstream swinging down and across. Be sure to let the flies dangle after the swing. Bigger fish will come last half hour of light.

    Midges in the mornings. In fact excellent nymphing rig to start out your mornings is #18 olive Pheasant Tail w/ #22 Black Beauty (or other thread midge pupa) on point.

    You may run into PMD's as well. If so, they will present better chances for dry fly action.

    Also pays to have some Rusty Spinners in #16-20 as this often cracks the code for sippers in tailouts eating invisible food.

    Lower Provo (below Deer Creek Reservoir) looks to be running quite high... may need a specialized Bounce Rig there, but the fish run bigger and more rainbows. Middle will be 95% browns, average 12-15 inches with the occasional 17-20 inch.
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    Default Re: Provo Heber City 1st trip help

    Thanks a bunch for the info. This will help a bunch. whenyou have such little time I just hate spending it all trying to figure out where to go!

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