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  1. Default Winter Dry Fly Action!!

    Was finally able to make it out fishing after a little stretch of holiday and family events the past several weeks.

    Tried fishing streamers and nymphs early morning and got a big skunk.

    Luckily for me the midday midge hatches kept some trout looking up for some surface food and I was happy to offer a size 20 Griffith Gnat for lunch!

    Got into a few browns before heading back home.

    Check out the video I made and subscribe to the channel!!

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    Default Re: Winter Dry Fly Action!!

    Nice work on your video!

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    Thanks Larry!! Felt like it had been forever since I got out!

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    Default Re: Winter Dry Fly Action!!

    Well done. It kept me interested. You just convinced me into going out this weekend.
    The only thing human kind ever learned through history, is that through history, human kind has learned nothing.

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    It’s always worth it!

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