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Thread: Reno Fly Shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    There is an Orvis store near the turn off to Mount Rose. I have not been inside that location.


    Good place to get some expensive luggage, fancy dog bed, some "cool" clothes and "distinctive" home.......ssstuff.
    (Probably why it didn't make the previous lists.)

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    The two Orvis shops that I visited (Roseville, San Jose) are about 15000 square feet each. About 1500 of it is fly fishing. Orvis shops have become lifestyle shops.

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    There is an Orvis on the south end of town but they have a pretty small and overpriced selection and I don't like the fly dept manager so I don't even metion it. Like goldentrout siad if you want a high priced dog bed or a knick knack for the house there's the place to go.
    I'l probably just go to the South Lake shop since I go up there once a month anyways but there really should be a well stocked fly shop right near the Truckee though that's not a Cabelas or Scheels.
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    Yep, it is a shame to lose the RFS, but in this economy and with the big store competition, I can surely understand the struggle to make a buck. The folks at Cabelas in the fly shop are good guys, and they all fly fish, at least the older ones, and I have spent some time talking to them over the last couple years when I am in the store. I did also do business with the guys at the RFS.

    It is tough being a specialty shop in this economy, especially when you have 3 large sporting goods stores within 10 minutes of your door.

    Best of luck to the guys at the RFS and thanks for sticking in there as long as you did.


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    It's a crying shame that another small specialty store has gone by the way.
    Too many folks stopping by to get info, and then shopping on line, or going to the "big box stores". My experience is that the smaller shops have far better info and service than anywhere else you can go. I've spent money there for years just to prevent this!
    Dave has done a lot for me, and many others, and I will suffer this loss.
    This is a sad trend.
    We have about six corporations providing our news. About the same for groceries.
    Buck the trend, don't follow the herd. Support your local shops/merchants, while you can.
    Thanks again Dave, hope you have a great life after retail!

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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