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    Default Flaming Gorge/ Green River Trip

    Several of us just got back from our annual June fishing retreat. This was our 12th year out of 17 going to the Flaming Gorge and Green River area of Utah. We were a little worried the fishing was going to be tough with forecasted high flows for downstream habitat for a sucker fish larvae, but they actually backed the flows to a reasonable cfs while we were there.

    The first day we went to some creeks that fed into the reservoir that ended up being pretty productive. The first one we all caught several fish but most were small in the 6-12" range. My dad did however get three that were 15-18".

    We went to our next spot but didn't have any luck as the water was stained and flowing pretty fast. We also tried right below the dam that first evening with no luck. A boat was anchored right at the ramp and they were hammering fish left and right using large scuds. The next day we rode ATVs around the Vernal area putting on over 60 miles doing some pretty hardcore stuff. Sore and dirty, we still wanted to get back and do some fishing that evening. We tried down at Little Hole for two hours with pretty good success.

    My brother in law caught four, my dad caught three, and my buddy caught two. For some reason I didn't even get a single hit the whole time.

    Feeling pretty discouraged that evening, we set out for Little Hole again for our last morning. Right away my BIL was on the board and I continued fishing with no luck. Finally I had one on that came off and could feel myself getting bummed out again. Luckily it didn't take long land a fish soon after.

    We continued working our way upstream and soon I had a big brown on. I eventually got him into some flooded grass as I didn't have a net, but as soon as I grabbed him he flopped and came off, so no picture with him. Within ten minutes, my buddy too had a large brown on, but he had a net so he was able to land him. This right here is why we come to the Green River.

    We didn't hammer the fish, but we caught plenty to make the trip incredible. The fly fishing was especially tough as it was so windy every single day. I don't remember it being so windy in all our years there. It may be a few years before I'm back as next we we already have it planned to go back to the North Platte River area south of Casper. The Green River and Flaming Gorge will always hold a special place in my heart.

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    Default Re: Flaming Gorge/ Green River Trip

    Nice write up, always love to read Green stories. And those little feeder streams you fished can be a fun time. Glad you had a good trip


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    Awesome trip! Thanks for the stories!

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