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    Default Amazing Day in Reno

    Hi all,

    been having a bad week or two at work, weathers been pretty cold and windy, but today it suddenly decided to warm up to about 40 degress and sunny by 10:30 am. A friend invited my boy (7 yrs old) to come play with his kid for the day. Wife was working on her teaching degree, so she pops up and says - hey, why don't you go fishing? I of course asked her what she did with my wife and how much is it gonna cost me to get her back? Just kidding, wife is pretty good about letting me go fishing.

    In any case, spent a couple hours on the river throwing wooly sculpins, buggers, and various other wets with nary a strike. So, I moved up river a bit more, and noticed these little bugs floating by on the water about the same time I noticed fish jumping everywhere. Looks like I was in the right place at the right time and while I am not an insect guy, I think they were BWOs. Kind of chocolate brown, triangle shaped uplifted wings, ok, I need to get better at this insect Id stuff I know. after carefully examing the insects floating on the river, I reached in my pocket for my dry fly box....and I didn't have it. I had put on my chest pack today, and loaded it up with nymphs and buggers, but not one dry fly.

    I gracefully excavated myself from the pandemonium of the trout feeding frenzy, and ran back to the car to get my dries. Lesson 1. always take a variety of flies onto the river with you. I am thinking about going back to a vest instead of the chest pack. Luckily, the car was only a 5 minute walk.

    At the car, tie on a similar size and shape adams, throw my dry fly box in the pocket of my wading coat, and back to the river. Well, after three or four casts, I got the hang of drifting a dry fly again, and I spent the next hour in the zone. Hitting fish every couple of casts, watching the water explode around my fly, and in general all around me. reeling some in, and letting em go, broke off a few, dealt with a couple power runs, had people who were walking the trail on the other side of the river all lined up watching the specticle, laughing and clapping when I got one in, hearing the "ahhs" when one broke off the tippet.

    45 minutes later, the clouds came in, it got cold, and the wind picked up. The fish stopped rising, the bugs pretty much cleared off the surface of the water, and I got a bit chilly, so I packed it in and decided to head for the barn.

    The day was simply amazing! What I would call winter fishing at it's finest.

    I have never been on the river in the winter in the middle of a hatch. It seemed liked a dream come true. fish were between 14 and 20 inches (I think he was about 18-20 inches, he jumped once and broke off my tippet after tearing line off the reel). The crowed was aghast, Ahhh, bad luck, he was a big one, you'll get him next time, all came drifting from accross the river.

    Well, that's it, another day in paradise so to say. Paradise does not come around often, so I felt the need to share.

    Ya'll have a great day!


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    Good job, glad you had a great day on the river, those really help this time of year, dont they.

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    Default Re: Amazing Day in Reno

    oh yes! the man upstairs must of known I needed a day to get my mind off other things and back to basics.


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    Default Re: Amazing Day in Reno

    Dave: Congrats! Sounded like one of those days where everything falls into place and the fishing is just fantastic!


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    Quote Originally Posted by webrx View Post
    oh yes! the man upstairs must of known I needed a day to get my mind off other things and back to basics.

    He does seem to keep thing in order.

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    Default Re: Amazing Day in Reno

    Thanks McNerney - it was.

    Bear - he does seem to do that doesn't he.


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    Assuming you were on the Truckee, can I ask where? I've heard the fishing is still good in town near the bridges. I was unfortunate enough to give it a try recently farther east to get away from people a bit. No luck at all that day.


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    Default Re: Amazing Day in Reno


    Congrats, sounds like everything came together. Nice job!


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    Default Re: Amazing Day in Reno

    Locktown, not in a public forum, but I can pm or email you some spots to try if you are not having any luck on the truckee

    Peregrines - thanks it was a good day

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    Default Re: Amazing Day in Reno

    I went out to my gun range right off the river and saw the most amazing hatch of BWO east of town. The fish were going nuts through the next 3 runs. Wish I had my fly rod with.
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