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    Question Trout fishing in southern Utah

    Just got back from a weeks vacation in southern Utah; and after about a 30 second discussion with my wife, there is a serious consideration of moving to the area when we retire in the next year or so. I grew up in northern Utah about 40 years ago; but spent little time in southern Utah.

    Looking for information primarily in the Cedar City/Dixie National Forest area for starters. I know there is some good fishing in the lakes throughout the area. What about good producing streams? I know this was an exceptional year for snow pack so I don't want to judge stream flow based on what I saw last week.

    Also, don't want to be a total snob so any information/advice on warm water fishing (not Lake Powell) will also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Trout fishing in southern Utah

    There is the East fork of the Sevier River, north of Panguitch. Lee's ferry on the Colorado downstream from Glen Canyon dam.

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