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    Default Re: Truckee River stocking

    Mustang has some good water. I think next weekend I'm going to venture out fsrther east and see what I can find. I had some good luck west of town in a few locations today.
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    Default Re: Truckee River stocking

    Been scouting west of town, but seems like I am always seeing people or cars. I don't mind sharing the river with a couple of folks, but not with twenty. Though that is probably where all the fish are


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    Just because you see a car doesn't mean they are out there fishing. There are a ton of people that like to hike the canyons and even if they are fishing it doesn't mean they are fishing right. I've followed behind many people through holes and have pulled out some nice fish right after they just got done fishing it. for instance yesrterday we went to one of my favorite holes and there was a guy throwing spinners in it for a while. We waited our time because my friend really wanted to fish this hole. He left after 30 minutes and we went in and pulled out 3 nice fish. There are a ton of fish from Idlewild park on up and even though you see a few cars don't get discouraged it very well could be worth it.
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    Default Re: Truckee River stocking

    LOL, yep, shows you how much of a newbie I am to Reno, only been here a couple years. I am thinking Verdi and your talking about "west of town" - like just west of town

    I fished up at mayberry park last summer, did not have a good day dodging all the tubers, but I have not fished near idlewild park.

    Been concentrating on spots east of town lately. I also found a nice spot further west of mayberry park. Just gotta watch out for those pesky rattlers during the summer when I go there. Had one scare the bejesus out of me as we were walking out at dusk he was a good 10 feet away when he started rattling, but it was just turning dark and my buddy and I both froze mid step until we could locate him.

    Guess I should start venturing west as it seems lately east of town is not producing very well.

    Oh, BTW, seems like they planted another 5000 fish last week - no idea where they planted them, but that 10 in 2 months so maybe the fishing will improve a bit. It is not as much fun catching planters, but it is better then getting skunked


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