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    Default The Idiocy of It All

    I rarely get political, and I realize the internet isn't for it, but party lines aside...
    Came across this from Mono County. The East Walker right now is flowing at a disastrous 18.8CFM. The minimum federal mandated flow is 20...
    What's going on right now is a disaster. Thankfully it's the winter and water temps are low, but regardless, the state right now should be closing the river, reviewing management practices and losing funding...
    Instead they are actually trying to promote fishing while the fish are barely holding on to dear life.
    I haven't posted in a while due to life being so busy. But this really struck a nerve. I love this little river. And clients and friends wonder why I live across the border and absolutely refuse to cross it for either business or pleasure when it comes to the outdoors? Mono County absolutely needs to be called out for this...
    The East Walker River is flowing nicely... - Mono County Tourism - California's Eastern Sierra

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    Default Re: The Idiocy of It All

    Flowing nicely? Jeez, that's hardly a trickle... It's a wonder any fish can actually live in that. Add on fishing pressure and that can not end well. California seems to be going off the deep end in every direction.

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    Default Re: The Idiocy of It All

    Quote Originally Posted by huronfly View Post
    Flowing nicely? Jeez, that's hardly a trickle... It's a wonder any fish can actually live in that. Add on fishing pressure and that can not end well. California seems to be going off the deep end in every direction.
    Well, that began a long time ago...

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    Default Re: The Idiocy of It All

    That's really sad nevadanstig.

    It reminds me of the late 1980's when my state of Wisconsin went through a 5 year period of drought. During the final 2 drought years, the trout were really stressed and waters were both low and warming by mid summer. Our chapter of TU and the State Council of TU petitioned the DNR to close the trout season during year 3/4. The Federation of Fly Fisher chapter (Badger Fly Fishers) did not. I was really disappointed in FFF and dropped my membership.

    Finally, the state did close the trout season in our county for one year and then made all our county's trout waters C&R for the next year. Then the drought ended the following year. Because of the closure, the fish that did survive were much larger and that season was awesome until the trout were harvested :^((


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    Default Re: The Idiocy of It All

    I remember, not too long ago, when several waters on the East Side, including the EWR were NOT open to year round fishing. It has been one of my favorite rivers since I first started fly fishing there in 1974. I have seen the EWR devastated by de-watering Bridgeport Res. in the late 80's which killed every fish in the river.

    East Walker River, One of West'''s Top Trout Streams, Drought Victim - Los Angeles Times

    I remember the recent drought which pretty much turned the EWR into a mud hole clogged with moss until the Winter of 2017. It has just begun to recover...

    Social Media has put way too many bozos on East Side waters that should not have to suffer the pounding that they do during the Winter months. I don't fish the EWR after the end of October and until the beginning of May. Because of the low Winter flows, the fish congregate in the limited deeper pools and repeated drifts will eventually yield a fish whether they struck an offering for feeding, out of territorial instinct or snagging.The DFG has come up with new proposed regulations for the 2020 season which may be viewed at the link below. Judge for yourself:

    This gives historical context to the flows on the EWR since 1921:

    USGS Surface Water data for California: USGS Daily Statistics

    Glad I will have these memories...

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    Default Re: The Idiocy of It All

    Apparently, 18 CFS is the historic median for this time of year. I'm wondering if the excerpt below describes their decision model:

    "... the Board considered the impact of the [Bridgeport] reservoir level on water quality parameters, particularly turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature during water releases. The Board determined that releasing water when the reservoir fell below a minimum pool of 600 acre feet risked exposing downstream fish to toxic conditions, which therefore required the pool be kept above that level. While the Board likely could apply such requirements under its broad public trust authority, instead it chose to rely exclusively on 5937. Under the Water Board’s interpretation, 5937 is malleable enough to require maintenance of a reservoir above a particular water level. This requirement, coupled with continued water release requirements, could change the water management approach for the reservoir by necessitating additional winter storage and a slower rate of release during particular portions of the year. Such a reading of 5937 is more aggressive than any court has undertaken. "

    Page 876 at

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    Default Re: The Idiocy of It All

    We have a drought pattern going.....they can't fill the lake without water. The Idiocy is ranchers will flood irrigate pasture just to use the water they have rights to. Waste water to keep water.......
    Going to be a tough year.

    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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    Default Re: The Idiocy of It All

    Re "Mono County absolutely needs to be called out for this..."

    Really, Mono County? Not the people who are sucking up all that water, many of which are in Nevada, but instead, the Tourism board of Mono County.

    I've lived and fished in several states and Nevada isn't really any different than most other states. The Truckee down river stays open to fishing during blisteringly hot days with low flows during droughts in both California and Nevada. So if we apply the same logic and blame, we can all wag our fingers at the people of ( Reno & Sparks ) Washoe County Nevada ( who would've dried up and blown away in the desert wind long ago if it wasn't for sucking the life out of the Truckee river. ), Sierra & placer county California residents would fall into that class too.

    Lake Mead has a trout hatchery on its shores. While those trout got spread around the south state, many ended up in guts of Lake Meads abundant Striper population. That came to end not because the Nevada fisheries guys came to their senses, but because the hatchery became non-operational. Shame on Clark County Nevada? Then we have the Casino's along the lower Colorado in Laughlin, Nevada. The caddis hatches along the river had risen to biblical proportions and the tourists that Nevada relies so heavily on for it's tax base were freaking out over the billions of little moth like creatures everywhere. So naturally the only thing to do was to dump butt loads of hatchery trout into the river below Davis Dam to gobble up all those caddis. Great idea Nevada, except that the area below Davis dam is also a great Striped Bass fishery. The caddis lived on and the Stripers got fat on all those Rainbow munchies. So it appears that Nevada's NDOW could use some of that righteous indignation aimed at Mono county from its own citizenry.

    Right now in and around Tijuana Mexico there are nine sewage treatment plants down that are supposed to be treating water that flows north in the Tijuana river back into the United States. All told, 50 million gallons of raw sewage a day is ending up in a coastal discharge along our southern beaches, ( Mexico is dumping 50 million gallons of raw sewage into the United States every single day - ) which represents a much a larger environmental problem for both the marine food chain and we terrestrial bound creatures, than whether or not a highly augmented tailwater fishery that flows to it's dying terminus ( Nevada Department of Wildlife ) in the deserts of Nevada gets a few more drops of ag owned water. Nevadan's ( I was one too ) of all the people on earth, have no business wagging their fingers at any other group over water conservation or methodology until they get their house in order. Same would go for anyone living in or around the southern California area who relies on waters from the San Joaquin, Sacramento, Colorado & Owens drainages for their existence.

    There's plenty of calling out to go around, me included ( I drink from the Kern. ), let's start with some inward reflection.


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