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    Default AA vice and standard fish hooks

    I am new to tying flies. I just bought a cheap vice to begin with and the first statement that caught my eye in the instructions was to "use fly fishing hooks only". My question is why? Why only fly fishing hooks? I wanted to dress up some of my crappy and bluegill jigs and such. I also bought some #6 hooks to try tying some nymphs and larva etc. Mainly because they are much cheaper than #6 or #8 hooks for flies. I also felt it would be more economical to practice on the less expensive fish hooks. Not to mention the overwhelming need, and possible frustration, to save the expensive fly hook if it turned out to be a complete disaster and or it flew apart on my first cast.

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    Default Re: AA vice and standard fish hooks

    I don't see any reason why the vise manufacturer would tell you that. They are probably owned by a fly hook company! I don't routinely use other hooks, but have used some bass-spinner bait trailer hooks to use as trailers on large trout streamers. I would ignore their warning; sometimes, a hook is just a hook. The only thing I could think of is maybe they are concerned with the squared edges of of some hooks biting into the jaws of the vise. I probably wouldn't put a squared off hook into my renzetti now that I think of it. Use all round wire hooks, none of the squared wire hooks and you will be fine.

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    Default Re: AA vice and standard fish hooks

    I've just about every kind of hook you can think of that will fit in the various jaws of my several lo-buck Cabella's vises. Big stainless salt water hooks, jig heads, bunch of my granpa's old saltwater bait hooks and 18 thru 2 fly hooks. It doesn't seem to hurt the jaws at all.

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    Default Re: AA vice and standard fish hooks

    I put this same question to the Fly Tying Forum. FrankB2 suggested it is a legality statement...

    "I would bet that the label is to help protect them against claims arising from people who might use the "fly" vise to hold any number of other things, and the resulting damage."

    This makes sense to me... Here is the link to that forum and question:

    Why Fly hooks only?

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    Default Re: AA vice and standard fish hooks

    Hi Dave,

    As a beginner there is no problem with using cheaper hooks of any kind that you can find. As you get in to tying you will find that some fly tying hooks are very specialized. Some hooks are made for specific flies and to get the best results you wouldn't tie it on just any hook. You may need a fine wire hook or a special very short extra heavy hook and so on. So for now tie on any hook that you have. Later on you may want to switch to better hooks. Most fly tying hooks are tempered and not just soft wire.

    Another option is to buy some hooks from Allen Fly Fishing. His hooks are good hooks at prices you can't beat even if you buy cheap hooks someplace else.


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