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peqpete 09-24-2012 06:06 PM

Sedona Fly Fishing

Looks like this East Coast saltwater fisherman (ocean) will be relocating to Sedona, AZ sometime down the road.

I am looking to get into Fly Fishing and started doing research. As Christmas is coming soon enough, I'd like to steer my family members into consolidating my gift funds and getting me a fly reel and rod, rather than getting what non fishing items THEY think I need (I'll get the waders & tackle, etc).

Reels that are fabricated from bar stock have really caught my mechanical/technical eye. With my sights on Sedona and Arizona in general, would I start off with a 5/6 weight reel and rod?

Any thoughts on Reels and Rods, local tackle shops, would be appreciated.

Thanks, Pete

mudbug 09-24-2012 09:13 PM

Re: Sedona Fly Fishing
you are moving to a beautiful place and the first and most obvious fishing spot is Oak Creek Canyon.

For fishing there I was say and 7.5' to 8.5' 3 wt or 4 wt. You will find your self wanting the longer rod in some spots and the shorter rod in other parts, so either length would be fine.

Wet Beaver creek is in the are also and hold both trout and small mouth. The same rod would work here also.

A couple hours away you will find the Flagstaff lakes that get stocked with trout every fall - spring. There is also a couple lakes in the area that hold decent sized pike. The trout would be better chased with a 9' 5 wt or 6 wt, and the pike will take something bigger like an 8 wt or 9 wt.

About 2 hours away is the Mogollon Rim with some lakes stocked with trout and bass, but creeks stocked with rainbows and some wild creeks filled with small browns.

About 3 hours away is Lee's Ferry filled with good sized, very strong wild rainbows. A decent do it all rod here would be a 5 wt, but I use a 4 wt and a 6 wt.

About 4 hours away are the White Mountains with lots of lakes filled with good sized trout and creeks filled with creek sized trout.

Oh, and if you want local info, you can try AZ Fly and Tie

peqpete 09-25-2012 07:55 AM

Re: Sedona Fly Fishing
Thanks for taking the time to post all the info, Mudbug.

I'll be using all of it for further research.

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