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hubba_3 04-18-2014 08:40 PM

Nymphing fast water?
Ok so I've spent a lot of time nymphing and that is how I catch almost all of my fish. Most of that nymphing takes place in slower moving water (deep, slow moving pools)... I see guys catching fishing in fast moving deep and shallow water all the time and I just can't seem to figure out the trick. What is the trick? Bigger flies? A lot of weight? I've considered trying out Czech Nymphing, but I've never done it so any help on what you've found to work best would be great! I fish mainly the Provo River so anything specific for that river would be great also!

williamhj 04-18-2014 08:44 PM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
Are you just asking about what flies to use or also how to set-up? I usually use a bigger fly but trail it with a small one. Bigger one is a double duty fish catcher and weight. Similar to slower water you want to get the flies down.

mcnerney 04-18-2014 08:47 PM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
Hub: One thing that comes to mind is to break the water down, not all of it is fast, fish the small seams, concentrate on fishing in front of the big boulders and behind those same boulders, fish the edges. If you are interesting in Czech nymphing, then get yourself a copy of George Daniels book "Dynamic Nymphing".


hubba_3 04-18-2014 08:58 PM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
What type of flies, and also how you've been setting it up. I've normally been fishing a 6x mono 9' leader, with 6x fluro tippet. Should switch over to a fluro leader as well?

I've also heard that if you are fishing faster water it's good to use larger flies because smaller bugs don't tend to live in faster water... Is that true? Or should I stick with size 18-22 nymphs?

And mcnerney I've seen that book, maybe I'll pick one up!

planettrout 04-19-2014 01:25 AM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
Where my son is standing, on the East Walker River, the depth averages 3 1/2' - 4 1/2' when the flows are at about 340cfs. - in other words, that water is moving quite quickly...

He is using a 10', 5wt Loomis Streamdance rod. The leader is 7 1/2' 4x with a tippet ring, 24' of 4x to the point fly,which has wraps of lead wire and tungsten bead and 18"-24" of 5x tippet off the bend of the point fly, to the dropper, which may or may not be weighted...We generally use small(yes, SMALL #18-#22) midge, Baetis/BWO, Caddis (nymphs or larva) at this time of year, on that river (late May)- as the dropper

We use lead twist-ons and not shot. In this case , he is using 2 1/2 - 3 twist-ons, spaced 3" apart above the point fly depending on the depth and speed of the flow of the particular spot he is working... we break it down into small sections and work the water at our feet before stepping in the river. Neither do we use long casts...the Trout in here are not looking up. One's flies must be 1"-6" off the bottom, when using the above patterns...if we are not hanging up , from time to time, we will not be catching fish...

I have fished that water when the flows have been doesn't wade too far out and it may require 5-6 twist-ons to get one's flies deep. That is when a 10' rod really shines!


Liphookedau 04-19-2014 03:00 AM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
Good advise from planettrout it really doesn't matter where you are fishing & what method you are using you virtually have to get your Flies to where where The Fish are.

troutn 04-19-2014 06:40 AM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
Hubba, one of the keys to nypmphing fast water is to high stick to keep your fly line off of the water. If you let the current grab your fly line, it will take your fly out of the strike zone. A longer rod, 10', is great to allow you to keep the fly line off of the water. Larry had alluded to boulders which I totally agree. Here are some ways to break down the water for likely lies:
Rocks rock, foam is home and wood is good. Bring all thee of those together and you should be doing well on your catch rates.
Good Luck!

randyflycaster 04-19-2014 07:27 AM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
Yes, get George Daniel's book. It's going to be a classic.
Personally, I don't like nymphing in fast water unless the water is relatively shallow. Wading in fast water can be a challenge.


jcw355 04-19-2014 07:49 AM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
Someone once posted, " hard water to fish is hardly fished." I fished yesterday a lot without an indicator. Adjusting weight for the current for different spots and tight lining quite a bit. Ive mainly indicator fished most of the time but the place I fished yesterday you need weights and tight lining technique. Im going to have to get me a different leader setup now to help with gauging depth.

fredaevans 04-19-2014 11:49 AM

Re: Nymphing fast water?
The information above .... if you 'Get out West' every word of it will get you into Steelhead. :D Probably true for the Great Lakes River's but not been there. After all, Steelhead are just 'big trout.'

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