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View Poll Results: how old are our youth

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    5 6.85%
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    10 13.70%
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    19 26.03%
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    33 45.21%
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    Default Re: Age of youth on the forum

    age is just a number the problem is the survey doesnt ask how old you think you are

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    Default Re: Age of youth on the Forum

    It's good to see the youths into Flyfishing as many years ago I made some Fly Vises for our local Citizens Boys & Youth Club to help them to use & get into tying Flies.
    As mentioned we would like to think we are in the Youth age Bracket however our age tells us a different story & to add to that how many times have we all heard or said "I'd like to be 21 & know what I know now" however with the mess The World"s in today it makes me wonder as in reality we really have seen The best of things & I hope everything becomes better for the young ones.

    A bit of trivia:
    A guy I met in LA last year said to me "If Polliticians aren't Millionaires when they go into Parliment,they certainly are when they come out".

    Also a Kiwi Guy working in one of our states Health Funds has just embezzled 16 Million from The Queensland Government,11 Million in the last week,they now have him in custody,it shows one thing how & why didn't someone else notice the missing money?
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    Default Re: Age of youth on the forum

    I turned 19 in October but I started fishing at age 8 and really got into it at 16 and then got hooked on fly fishing at age 18.

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    Default Re: Age of youth on the forum

    Have a daughter that is 7 and wants to do fly fishing for me.

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    Default Re: Age of youth on the forum

    Well im 18 ive been fishing my whole life(with modern tackle) I fished in the first highschool bass tournoments in the country here in illinois and have fishing in a bass club(Fox Valley Area Anglers) for 4 years and just won my first tournament last year. I picked up fly fishing last year and havent looked back I love carp and plan on tying into some pike this year.

  6. Smile Re: Age of youth on the forum

    Man, its ben years since I started. Im 15, but ive been fishing since 3 1/2 years old with my older sister , Grace

  7. Default Re: Age of youth on the forum

    I'm 17 and I actually just started fly fishing about a week ago!!! I got my first setup today. It's a cabelas LSi 9 foot 5 weight with a Cabelas Wind River 2 5/6 reel. Was casting a little bit in the driveway tonight and it's incredible. But I guess I wouldn't know any better haha

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    Wink Re: Age of youth on the forum

    Have to admit to chuckling as I've followed this thread. Thought struck me that at age 60, I was 60 years old. Ten years later we now refer to ourselves as '70 years young.'
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Age of youth on the forum

    I'm 15 and have been fly fishing since I was 13, I live In Michigan. I petty much target any fish that will inhale a fly. I got a decent amount of fly rods which is five, different weights. I'm really happy that I'm not the only one in my age range that is addicted to fly fishing. Well, hope to hear from you guys some time...

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    Default Re: Age of youth on the forum

    Im 12 and have been tying flies since four and fly fishing since i was 5.
    This sport has never gotten old.

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