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Thread: what rods do our youth use

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    Anyone know anything about the redington crosswater 5 wt? I am just about to buy a rod and my price range is $0-$125. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Orvis Clearwater 9' 5#, Clearwater reel and line
    Orvis Shooting Star 14' 9# Spey, Hydros reel, and Rio Skagit Max 650gr line

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    I use a Redington #8 weight with some 39 dollar reel I picked up at the bass pro in Manteca, Love catching bass and hopefully some steelhead soon.

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    My daughter uses my Moriston Convert switch rod as a spey rod (with the Tyne Trinity reel) to hunt for steelhead. She hasn't landed one yet but she is on her way!
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    I use a Winston GVX 6 wt for streamers, nymph rigs, and mousing/terrestrial rigs. Besides that I have a redington Path 4 wt for dries. This winter I plan on adding a Winston Nexus in 4 wt and a VSL in 3 wt.

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    I use a fenwick hmg 6 wt that's about 10 years old and an old orvis CFO 3 for bass and larger fish. I also have a Bristol 4 wt aluminum rod with a heddon 300 reel for dries and panfish. I also have a pflueger medalist. I have (but don't really use) a wards blueberry(glass), a brule(glass) a lean chandler, and 2 un-named rods that are both glass.

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    TFO BVK 9' 6wt with a cabelas rls reel with royal wulff triangle taper line. I love that rod! perfect for bigger water such as the Delaware and perfect length for nymphing on the smaller stream i fish close to home. Its a bit heavy for some of the smaller trout but the 22 inch Brown i caught on the West Branch of the Delaware this year on it made it feel like a twig in my hands lol. Hoping to save up for a Nautilus FWX soon though for it.

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    My current stash is as follows:

    St.croix Imperial 7ft 3wt with Orvis Battenkill and sharkwave gpx line
    St.croix Imperial 9ft 5wt with Abel Creek 2 and sharkwave gpx line
    TFO BVK 9ft 7wt with Ross Gunnison 3 and i bet you can guess it ...... sharkwave gpx line.

    I love my st.croixs after switching to them for all my spinning gear which now sits unused waiting for super high winds.

    Now I have owned but sold

    Orivs Helios 2 9ft 8wt with Orvis Mirage Reel and Hydros line(Killed the reel in 2 weeks and the rod was fairing any better)
    Sage ONE 9ft 8wt with Sage Evoke Reel and Rio Grand line(awesome rod but too stiff after getting the imperials)
    Cabelas Stowaway 8.5ft 5wt and Cabelas wind river reel and prestige plus line
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    Hey Brother,
    I bought my little girl a Echo Gecko. Its a 4/5 wt medium action 7' ish rod, really tough. She always runs the tip into the ground. For a reel I bought a Big 5 special Clear Creek reel with **** line. I use strait 8# mono for leader and tippet. She cant reel cast but she understands the "up, down" motion. So I help he get the wooly bugger out there then she hold the rod and I strip in the fly. Once we have hooked something I have her hold the rod and line with both hands. It realy awesome. Its a perfect scaled rod. I just have her walk backward up the bank. I think small bass are the best thing to get little kids into fly fishing. It the turkey hunting of fishing. Lots of action. Good luck man.

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