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    Default Re: How many fish do you catch?

    Boys I keep a log on my outings and it will tell the truth. I fish tailwaters (White River) 80% of the time and trout parks the other 20%, in 2012 I averaged 3.5 fish A trip. Some trips are guided and others on my own. I have been (skunked) many times. I am very satisfied with this average.
    R Reese

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    Not every fishing day is a catching day If the water level and the weather is OK, I usually catch at least one fish per day, even if it is a smaller white fish or a chub.
    But nevertheless I enjoy each hour fishing - even if I catch nothing
    Best regards from Germany,


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    Default Re: How many fish do you catch?

    I've only gone trout fishing with a fly rod once, since SE Wisconsin doesn't have many trout rivers or streams. But I did catch one brown on that trip. I do go fly fishing for smallies in the Milwaukee river and I usually can catch a dozen+ depending on how the conditions are.

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    I think my highest number of fish caught in a half day of fishing was 9. The average number will be 3~4. Many times Mr. Skunk and Mr. Zero would come and say hello.

    I won't say that I don't care whether I am catching or not. To me fishing is about catching. However, aside from catching or not catching, I do enjoy the repertoire aspect of it. If I had a skunk then I had a good practice. If caught some then I had a good practice with a bonus. If I caught a lot then I was fishing.
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