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    Default Re: Why is it all YOUTH?

    It's a generational thing, Daddy-O. Ya dig, man?

    I hear ya, Mojo.... I'm still seventeen, at least until I run up a flight of stairs.

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    Default Re: Why is it all YOUTH?

    I think our original thought was to provide a set of threads for the younger members to share thoughts and experiences on. It can be a bit of an intimidation when you are 16 and joining in a discussion of technique with people who have perhaps been tying flies and fishing them since before your dad was born.

    There is also a seldom used Ladies Forum, that was put forth for the same reasons. I hope this helps to clarify the word youth being used in headers & sub headers.


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    Default Re: Why is it all YOUTH?

    For example: way back when I asked "how many of our youth tie?". I didnt ask who on here ties because I figured adults would start popping in stating that they tie. I've seen it before on other forums.
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    Default Re: Why is it all YOUTH?

    OK, I think I understand now.

    The person starting the thread decides what the title will be. If the thread originators chooses to include youth in their threads title, that is up to them. It just so happens that a lot of youths are asking questions that concerns youths and consequently they include youth in the title. It doesn't bother me at all.


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