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Thread: bass flies

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    Default bass flies

    just wanted to know if you guys have any bass flys that have done you well.

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    Default Re: bass flies

    First, welcome to this wonderful site! There's some great people here who will certainly give you some superb advise. I've done a lot of bass fishing over the years & have caught both SM & LM bass on many different fly patterns. I've fished quite a bit for bass in brackish, tidal creeks & rivers too, so there's always the possibility for hooking into Striped bass & possibly other salt species that may venture into brackish waters. That often means that multiple species may be caught on the same flies while targeting a specific species. I've caught Stripers numerous times while targeting LM's & vice versa.

    It would be easier to give you some suggestions if you could provide some additional info about the type of waters you're intending to fish & if you're interested in Smallmouth Bass or Largemouths.

    Since I'm old & have been doing this a long time, I use some of the older patterns/styles that have been around a long time, as well as some newer patterns. They all work, as bass are not particular most of the time.

    Here's generally some of fly types that I like to use for bass & have had a lot of success with them

    Lefty's Deceivers
    Clouser Minnows
    Clouser Half & Half's
    Murdich Minnows
    Rabbit Strip Flies
    Poppers & Sliders
    Crease Flies

    I didn't indicate colors, as I've used many, and at times they'll all catch fish. I usually stick to basic colors or combinations as I've not experienced the need to get too complicated with colors for bass. Some that I use a lot are chartreuse & white, all black, olive & white, gray & white, and all white. But, as I said, I've used many & have many colors in my fly boxes.

    There are many other flies that I've tried also, too many to list. In the case of flies such as the Rabbit Strip flies I listed, of which there are many, I've never found that one is necessarily any better or worse than another. However, IMO size & lengths can sometimes make a big difference so it's a good idea to have some variety. In the tidal rivers, anything that might imitate worms, snakes or eels can all be deadly for bass, since all of these might be prey the bass will feed on and are imitated very well using rabbit strips.

    Frankly, having a variety of sizes is a good idea for any fly type as long as you have the rod or rods to cast them all.

    The majority of the flies in my bass boxes are tied on size 2 to 3/0 hooks and from about 2 1/2" to 10" in length. I probably use 1/0 or 2/0 sizes the most, which are flies in the 3 to 6" length range. I tie many of my bass flies on straight shank worm hooks commonly used for plastic worms.

    Not sure if this answers your question, but hope it does.
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    Default Re: bass flies

    Top of my list is Clousers. Followed by leech patterns, a Steelhead pattern called a Funny Bunny Emerald Shiner, Dahlbergs and poppers.

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    Default Re: bass flies

    first, welcome to the forum
    as far as bass flies my top 3 are
    clousers(i like chartreuse and white)
    swimming frog
    brown wooly buggers



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    Default Re: bass flies

    Most effective for me have been wooly buggers, black and olive, and clousers. Most fun has to be poppers and deer hair flies, I love surface takes
    - William

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    Default Re: bass flies

    I don't get to fish for bass that much but when I do I really like the top water action during the summer months: hoppers, chernolbyl ants, poppers, etc. during the cooler months: wooly buggers, small streamers, minnow patterns. I have found that the take in the summer are very aggressive (making for some really exciting fishing), in the cooler months you really have to pay attention as the takes are very suttle and easy to miss.

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    Default Re: bass flies

    Thank u for your help. Ill be on my vice after school!

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    Default Re: bass flies


    river smallies and pike dont let go of that one

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    Default Re: bass flies

    I'm not going to hotlink it cuz it's against NAFFF rules, but there's a forum of warmwater fly fishers from mostly eastern Mass called The Bass Pond that you may be interested in
    It's not all that active, but it's local
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    Default Re: bass flies

    Sneaky Petes, wooly buggers, clousers, and crawfish immitations do well for me.
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