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View Poll Results: How many of you guys tie flies?

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  • Yes, I've been tying flies for awhile.

    42 68.85%
  • Just started tying flies

    11 18.03%
  • I don't tie flies yet, but want to learn.

    6 9.84%
  • Don't have time. Too busy studying and doing homework

    2 3.28%
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    I have just started tying recently, but like RayMo, I'm not very good at it. I try to tie at least 12 of each pattern when I tie and the first 3-4 really look bad but get better from there. And like RayMo, the fish don't seem to mind much.
    I have "invented" a few patterns that I'll post up when I get my new camera. One is a tan midge, glass bead head, tan thread with red wire rib, simple but deadly. A new one I just made up is what I call Jumpin Black Flash. It's has a clear glass bead head, black krystal flash body covered with Sally's for gloss and durability. Another killer.

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    Just started tying. Love it!!

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    I tye. However, the genes that make you good with your hands and/or artsy were sucked out of my brains by aliens long ago, so my flies don't look so hot. Fortunately, the fish don't seem to care as much as I do.

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    I've been tying for 20-25 years, mostly flies I use myself, but I give some away, and in particular I like to give flies to my fisherman friends. I tie trout, largemouth, smallmouth, and striper flies. Tying deer hair, particularly bass bugs, has become a favorite of mine. I believe my tying has made a big difference in my fishing, its helped my become a better fisherman. Not that my flies are better than those you can buy, but I have a lot of different patterns, and more importantly, I research what flies are working at a particular stream or lake then tie a bunch in different sizes, sometime colors, etc. Another great aspect of tying is that I can go to my office and tie whenever I feel like it, for hours or for 10 minutes; it keeps me in touch with fishing when I can't get away to go fishing. I highly recommend it for any fly fisherman who's never tied their own flies.


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    Tie to mach the hatch.

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    If I didn't tie it, I don't fly it.

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    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

    Being "one with nature" requires a knowledge of what animals are living nearby and a weapon of sufficient magnitude to give you at minimum an equal chance of survival. No one has an invisible aura that animals can detect and sense your good intentions.

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    I tie my flies since around 20 years, but I always try to reduce the number of materials to keep it simple
    Best regards from Germany,


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