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View Poll Results: How many of you guys tie flies?

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  • Yes, I've been tying flies for awhile.

    42 68.85%
  • Just started tying flies

    11 18.03%
  • I don't tie flies yet, but want to learn.

    6 9.84%
  • Don't have time. Too busy studying and doing homework

    2 3.28%
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    Default How many of you tie flies?

    Just wanted to see how many fly tyers we have out there.

    How many of you guys and gals tie?

    What are your favorite patterns to tie?

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    I've been tying for a couple of years, and love it. Some of us get together the first Friday of each month and every other Tuesday to tie. We all have input to what we will tie so many patterns that you post get tied at our sessions.
    I tie almost every night. My favorites are constantly changing. I may go for six months with no interest in tying a Wooly Bugger and then just love tying them again. A few months ago I tied nothing but Foam Hoppers for weeks. Now I'm tying most of the old standbys, Adams, GRHE, PTN in smaller sizes.

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    I will tie anything that I need.

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    I've been tying for...a while.Won't tell how long...some guys here are going to say again I'm an old fart

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    Glad you didn't ask 'how well do you tie flies?'

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    I ve been tying for about a year and I love it. Thanks to Mark and his swaps. I have my 8 yr old granson tying with me...we really enjoy it. Very satisfying to actually catch a fish on a fly you have tied.
    Regards, Boser

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    I tye what I need, been doing it for a while, but I am not very good. The fish don't seem to mine. Some day I am going to take some classes and learn the finer points, but I am not sure it will result in more fish

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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    I started tying when a shop back in NJ called the FlyHatch had this pattern that would strobe like a bunker does (flip on its side). It was all uphill from there! The shop is long gone now and I live in different part of the country. Its bloody addictive!! From midges on #24s to big rabbit strips on #2s you can never have enough material and you allways have too much!!!
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    Default Re: How many of you tie flies?

    I have been tying for a while, and I tie quite a bit. But I should be in the last category, Studding and doing home work. I've been going to the university for 7 years and still no bachelor's degree. It's pathetic.

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    Tying for a long time. Chironomids are my favorite.

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