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    My name is lars i am 13 ive been flytying for 5 years i am a self taught fly tier fly fisherman now i am teaching my dad to fly fish and im wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper euro nymph setup?

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    Hi Lars and welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you and your father can share time fly fishing. I'm by no means an expert on Euro-nymphing, but I'm sure others that are more experienced then I am will help you out.


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    Welcome to the forum, Lars. I, too am not an expert on Euro-nymphing, but as Denny said, I'm sure there will be several member along to help.

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    Try an Echo Base 4 weight in at least 9 foot, 10 or more is better. The rod is fire and the reel is a cheapish plastic one. It's 170 or so for the whole setup- rod, reel, line, leader. It was my first, and I still fish it occasionally- great rod. The reel can be replaced with a better one later on if he likes it.

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